The stories of fatherlessness are everywhere.  Many of the movies that are produced by Hollywood have fatherless characters.  Much of professional sports are made up of athletes that grew up without a dad.  These are just a few examples.  Stories of overcoming fatherlessness are powerful, but they are even more powerful when it is a story of how an individual found God as their Dad during their struggle with being fatherless.  Below you will find stories that individuals have shared with us and they have given us permission to share them with you!  These stories should inspire and encourage you on your journey!  If you would like to share your story of how God has become your Dad please click here: Share Your Story.

Kurtis’s Story | California

While growing up my biological dad was a great man, I really adore him but we never had a steady relationship. I loved him because he was my father and he was a awesome dad you can think of. At the age of 14 years old, I loss my dad due to alcohol abuse and stress. I could not believe that day (January 29, 2008) I really lost my dad. I was hurt, I was devastated, also I was broken.
Now when I accepted Christ as my Lord and Savior in the year of 2009, God began to show me things. I’m glad that God stepped in as my father and took me in and he is like a father figure to me. He provides for me, he wipes away my tears, he comforts me, he teaches me and also he loves me. Til this day , God is still the best father and now I’m 23 years old and living the life of freedom and God is willing to help me with anything. I’m blessed and happy that I made a choice to have God in my life.
-Kurtis in California

Tonya’s Story | Kentucky

God has been my dad my entire life. My father died of a heart attack in 1990 and my mom died of cervical cancer in 1989.  My Lord has been my everything, my mother and father, my protector, my healer, my confidant and so much more.  I know He is with me always! Knowing that God is always with me helped me understand that I was the daughter of the Almighty. Although, my father was gone from this earth, I had the Lord as my father to guide me through and He is greater than any humanly father.  I encourage anyone experiencing loss of their father, to look toward our Lord and Savior for that void.  He will come through for you, guide you, comfort you, love you, and protect you as your father did, times thousands.
-Tonya in Kentucky

Princess’s Story | Florida

I was in my house waiting for my mom to get home from jail and suddenly some strange people come into my house and take me and my two brothers away both of my brothers are together but I am alone.  As the strange man puts me into the vehicle I’m crying and wondering what’s going on I cry so much until I tire of it and fall asleep.  When I wake up I’m in this strange house without my brothers with strange people I don’t recognize while I’m sitting on the couch a girl comes in to greet me with such love and gentleness she made me feel very comfortable.  The next few years of my life were very hard as God took me away from everything I knew everything I loved and put me into a family I have no relation with but through that time I have become to love and cherish the family I have the new one and the old I have come to rely on God as my true Father to help me carry my burdens to help me fight my emotional battles to be there when I feel alone God is the very best Dad to have he gave me an extra family that I can’t do without he may take us on difficult journeys but in the end of your journey you will find joy.
-Princess in Florida

Kate’s Story | Georgia

I grew up with an emotionally absent alcoholic father. Fortunately I escaped physical abuse, but the emotional abuse was great. I spent a lot of time playing soccer and basketball so I didn’t have to be at home, and then when I was in 10th grade my friend invited me to church. This was honestly the first time I recall hearing about God, but I must have heard about him as a child because I live in the Bible Belt.

Church was cool because I was not at home and people really cared; it was hard because the stories of God as a perfect father made no sense to me. My father was so imperfect, how could God have even allowed him to be a father? If God was such a good father, why was growing up with an alcoholic father? Didn’t He know what was best for me? I struggled and still struggle with the idea of God being a perfect father, but I know in my heart that it is true.

I know it is true because God has sent me many men who are willing to stand in as a father when I needed them most. When things get tough in life, I still tend to fall back into old patterns of thinking, but I know that God is a perfect father.

After my parents divorced I lost contact with my father until he was on his deathbed. I had no idea he was sick, but someone called me and told he was not doing well. I was able to go to the hospital and see my father just a few hours before he died. I know that God himself was in the midst of that time in my life because had I not been able to see my father before his death I would have been paralyzed with guilt and resentment.

Walking in the truth that God is a perfect father is still hard. I love that God is a patient, kind, and loving father who will wait for me, but also pursue me with his unconditional love.
Kate in Georgia

Jennifer’s Story | Ohio

When I was 10 years old, my father died in a boating accident. My dad was the center of my universe. I was devastated. My whole world was crushed.

As I sat on the blacktop of my driveway trying to figure out how life could possibly go on, I looked up in the clouds & saw my dad’s initials. In my heart & mind I knew that dad was with God. I knew that dad loved God & there was no question that heaven was his home now. At that point I got a bit angry with God & told God that since he had taken my dad, He (God) was going to have to be my dad now. I had no desire to live other than the fact that someone needed to take dad’s place as a Christian here on earth & I knew that with God leading me, I could do whatever God wanted me to.

When I pray, I often address God as “Father God,” and I truly feel the “Father” part in my soul.
Today I am a pastor’s wife & a children’s ministry director. I love Children’s ministry & want to make sure the kids in my ministry are ready to “hang on to God” if for some reason their world gets changed like mine did. I’ve hung on to those conversations I had with God as a 10 year old & want my cm kids to be as ready as I was.
-Jennifer in Ohio

Adam’s Story | Arizona

Below is the vimeo link to my story about how God became my father. I grew up in a fatherless home, raised by my aunt and uncle instead. The video below is how God got a hold of my heart:

Jennifer’s Story | Maryland

My parents separated when I was seven but no, that’s not when I became fatherless. I still had a relationship with my Dad. Eventually he and his new wife won custody of us after a long, painful court battle. My Dad loved me. My Dad wanted me. When the abuse came from my new “mom” he protected me. But then the protection ended. When I was 16 my Dad chose drugs instead. He lived the rest of his life seeking his high- and it cost him his job. Finally he couldn’t take it anymore. March 29, 2010 was the day he decided not to be there for me ever again. He took his life. Then God “took me up” and He became my protector. Since that day, I moved out of my house and the abuse ended and the healing began. <3
Jennifer in Maryland