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They say we will fail.


If we are honest we all want to be successful.


You can succeed!


We believe in you!


Through God you can do it!

Hi, I am Pastor Sean Teis and this section is developed to help you succeed at being fatherless. I grew up without a dad too and God filled that void in my life in various ways.  Being fatherless there are many things stacked against us.  According to the studies and statistics we are supposed to fail at life in many different areas.  They say that we are going to be mean, angry, stupid, foolish, addicted, and that we are going to make our own children fatherless someday,  These are just some of the things they say about us.  But being fatherless doesn’t have to define us.  I grew up fatherless and I refuse to be labeled by the statistics.  I choose to fight.  I choose to be successful!  If we are all honest we all want to be successful!  You know you want to be successful in life.  You know that you truly don’t want to be a failure or any of the things that I just listed.  we can conquer this thing.  It isn’t easy and it takes work but it is possible!  On this page you will find valuable articles and videos to help you overcome and succeed on your life journey!  Let’s go!  We can do this through Christ!  Phil. 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”