Jennifer’s Story | Ohio

When I was 10 years old, my father died in a boating accident. My dad was the center of my universe. I was devastated. My whole world was crushed.

As I sat on the blacktop of my driveway trying to figure out how life could possibly go on, I looked up in the clouds & saw my dad’s initials. In my heart & mind I knew that dad was with God. I knew that dad loved God & there was no question that heaven was his home now. At that point I got a bit angry with God & told God that since he had taken my dad, He (God) was going to have to be my dad now. I had no desire to live other than the fact that someone needed to take dad’s place as a Christian here on earth & I knew that with God leading me, I could do whatever God wanted me to.

When I pray, I often address God as “Father God,” and I truly feel the “Father” part in my soul.
Today I am a pastor’s wife & a children’s ministry director. I love Children’s ministry & want to make sure the kids in my ministry are ready to “hang on to God” if for some reason their world gets changed like mine did. I’ve hung on to those conversations I had with God as a 10 year old & want my cm kids to be as ready as I was.
-Jennifer in Ohio
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