Note – From Heather Teis

Life without a dad is not easy. Life with a dad who is a poor example and an even worse influence might be even harder. But the good news is that you are not alone or without hope! Even those with a wonderful earthly father, will discover that there are deeper needs in their life than can be met by any human relationship. Can I share two thoughts about allowing God to meet needs in your life and the truth about who He is and how much He cares for you?

1. You are not “less” and you are not limited by the absence of a father.

Sometimes we believe that because of our family or lack thereof, that we can never be used by God. Greater things are meant for other people- people with parents who were there for them and taught them what they needed to know- not for people from a broken home. This is far from true! The Bible gives us many examples of heroes of the faith who were without a father’s influence. Just to name a couple:  Daniel (taken captive as a slave in early preteen or teen years), Joseph (sold into slavery by his own brothers- without his father until he was an adult himself), Moses (grew up in a worldly foster home), and Timothy (had an unsaved father). Many others we simply don’t have any information on how long they had their father with them. For example, most theologians believe that Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father, died at some point before Christ began his public ministry at age 30. We do know he and Mary had other children, and he is mentioned when Christ was twelve, but that is the last we hear of him.

And just for good measure, can we throw in Prince Jonathan, David’s best friend, on this list? (His story is found all throughout the books of I and II Samuel.) He is one of my favorite Bible heroes. While his dad was most certainly alive, he was making all the wrong choices, yet Jonathan still chose to live righteously in spite of it all. His dad’s influence did not determine his destiny.

Don’t forget that! I’ve watched the strongest of Christian men and the best fathers the world has seen break down and weep because they fear that they will be like their absent father and desert their family. Nothing could be further from reality as evidenced by the daily choices they make and their great passion for their wives and children. Yet, Satan wants to condemn us to fear, and he will use any weapon he can. By God’s grace, we are new creatures in Him (II Cor. 5:17) and He promises that He will complete His work that He has begun in us. (Phil. 1:6) God is the most creative Author you have ever read; He writes beautiful stories in the lives of individuals from all different backgrounds. That is Who He is. Just follow Him and have no fear!

2. God sees you and hears you.

You may know about Abraham, God’s servant who was the beginning of the Jewish nation, but have you heard of his servant girl Hagar? She was an Egyptian servant girl who was in the household of Abraham and Sarah. Here she was this teen girl- perhaps with parents also as servants in the camp or perhaps not.  But she likely looked up to this Christian man Abraham and his wife Sara, only to be used and thrown away by them in the most un-Christianlike manner. It makes me cringe every time I read it. At her lowest point in Genesis 16, when she has been betrayed and abused, she is on her own a young woman pregnant and alone. It is in this moment, that this poor girl who is insignificant in the eyes of everyone around her is met by God. He sends an angel to give her a promise and hope for her future. Her hope is not dependent on other people- for as you will see later in her life people fail her again, but her hope lies completely in the One who sees her; that is what she calls this true God who meets her in the desert. She names him “El Roi”- the One who sees me. 

Others may not see the depth of  your pain or understand the greatness of your need, but there is One who has not missed a thing. He has seen every wrong inflicted upon you (and He will repay- you can trust Him); He has seen every tear you have shed (Ps. 56:8), and He is ready to meet every single need you have if you will let Him. He is the God who sees and who provides. Years later, this young woman is sent away alone with her young child to care for by herself. (Genesis 21:9-21) She finds herself in a desert without food or water. She has no hope; the world is on her shoulders, and she is ready to give up. She actually turns her back away form her child so she doesn’t have to watch him die. But God sends her what she needs just as she needs it. He gave her a well of water and a promise for her future. Her help did not come from human hands but from Divine deliverance.

God not only sees, but He hears your cry. “Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.” Jeremiah 33:3 Will you do that? Will you trust your Heavenly Father for every need in your heart and life? He is truly waiting to fill it. He is more than enough.

Heather Teis
Pastor’s Wife
Southern Hills Baptist Church