Note – From Pastor Daniel Stevens

I was born to a single mother and throughout my life I have had many men come and go. Some of them treated me better than others, but none of them stuck. There was never one that became my dad.
As a child, we moved often. When I was sixteen years old we made the move that changed my life. It was in this new place that I was introduced to the gospel for the first time and truly experienced the love of God. I trusted Jesus Christ as my Savior. Now God was my father, and the people in the church were my family. This changed my life forever!
The change would be more dramatic than even I could imagine. Through various circumstances God brought me into a new family. My mother had gone to prison and the pastor of our church along with his family welcomed me in and made me a part of their family. God was now my father and He has brought a wonderful family into my life.
Through these circumstances, I learned of the love God has for me and I have seen His blessings upon my life each and every day. I also learned what it meant to be part of a family. There is no greater joy than being part of His family.  To learn more on how to be part of God’s family click here:
From Pastor Daniel Stevens
Senior Pastor
Grace Baptist Church
Anderson, In