Princess’s Story | Florida

I was in my house waiting for my mom to get home from jail and suddenly some strange people come into my house and take me and my two brothers away both of my brothers are together but I am alone.  As the strange man puts me into the vehicle I’m crying and wondering what’s going on I cry so much until I tire of it and fall asleep.  When I wake up I’m in this strange house without my brothers with strange people I don’t recognize while I’m sitting on the couch a girl comes in to greet me with such love and gentleness she made me feel very comfortable.  The next few years of my life were very hard as God took me away from everything I knew everything I loved and put me into a family I have no relation with but through that time I have become to love and cherish the family I have the new one and the old I have come to rely on God as my true Father to help me carry my burdens to help me fight my emotional battles to be there when I feel alone God is the very best Dad to have he gave me an extra family that I can’t do without he may take us on difficult journeys but in the end of your journey you will find joy.
-Princess in Florida
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