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Fatherlessness is an ever-growing epidemic in our world today.  Daniel and Dana The Fatherless Dino’s series introduces encouragement and hope for every fatherless young boy and girl making it a must read for any type of fatherless circumstance! These books provide Biblical instruction for what can be a hopeless situation.  Daniel and Dana, though fictional characters, share real life experiences from a fatherless home that will relate to any fatherless child.  In A Heavenly Father every reader will be instructed on how to have a personal relationship with their Heavenly Father, which is the first and most important step on anyone’s fatherless journey.  Daniel and Dana The Fatherless Dino’s series will be a useful tool for parents, grandparents, extended family, teachers, pastors, mentors, and anyone else that desires to help and encourage a fatherless child.

After the Ark: Daniel and Dana The Fatherless Dinos - Children's Book

SKU: SQ9117392
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