Samantha’s Story | Florida

Growing up without a father is hard.. but when both of your parents are gone, it’s even harder. My father left my mother when I was 3 years old. At the time, I didn’t understand why he’d leave my mom… but as I got older, the story begun to unravel. I found out my dad left my mother for a women who had less than lasting intentions with him. I saw my father once more when I was 11, for he was completing his divorce with my mom.
Watching my mom struggle in ways a person shouldn’t, broke my heart. I was scared and hoped I wouldn’t do the same things she did… resorting to drugs and other worldly pleasures. I loved her, just not what she did.
Months after I turned eighteen, I got a call that my mother had been taken to jail for selling my sister in the black market. My younger sister would now never see life the same as she once did. Anger welled up in my heart. How could a mother do such things to a child she claimed to love… a structured family was completely foreign to me.
Through most of this my hateful feelings came short. I knew my true father in heaven had something greater for me and everything was going to work out. I now live with a lovely family whom took me from out of the shadows of my dark past and showed me the light of love. God led me to them. He did it all. All of the disasters formed the foundation of my life. I like the tell myself that if God loves his perfect plan, than so should I. All I have at risk is my salvation, and that can never be taken away.
-Samantha in Florida
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