Sara’s Story | Florida

My name is Sara Valin and I helped develop God is my Dad as an intern and contributor.  Music is my passion, and every chance I have to sing, I take it. I not only enjoy singing, but I love art and design. My mother tells me that since I’m left-handed, it brings the artistic side out in me. I enjoy being active and I am almost always doing something.
My father was a verbally abusive alcoholic, and he was a threat to my mother and I. One day my father left, and my parents divorced when I was twelve. With my mom being a single parent, it was emotionally and financially difficult. Thankfully, we had help from the government, friends, and family. My mother remarried when I was fourteen, and divorced him a couple months ago, because the choices he was making hurt the two of us. Through it all though, God has been good, and continues to show his faithfulness. He provides for my mom and I in more ways than we could have ever imagined.
Over the years I have seen God provide for me not only financially but mentally and spiritually. I could have chosen to react to hard times with anger and depression or tried to ease the pain of it all with worldly pleasures, but God continually reminded me that he was enough. I learned over the past years that I am not here for my own enjoyment, but I was placed on earth to please God, my father.
My goal is to attend a Christian university, perhaps Liberty, where I will major in business and minor in music. I want to continue in my love for music and vocals and plan on joining an elite singing group while in college. I desire to benefit, impact, and inspire others in whatever I do.
-Sara in Florida
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