Share Your Story – How Has God Helped You On Your Single Mom Journey and how has He become a Dad to your children?

Whether you’re currently raising your children or they are grown adults we would still love to have you share your story of how God has helped you and your children along the way!  
Will you share your story with us?
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Here are the Guidelines:


Use the form below to tell your story of how God is helping you as a single mom and how He became a Dad to your children. Be as honest as possible. Express how you feel being a single mom. Write it to encourage other single moms. Feel free to be creative. Please keep it clean, any profanity or inappropriate communication will be removed from your story. We recommend 2-4 paragraphs but write what you feel God wants you to share.

DISCLAIMER: Please understand that by sending us your story you agree that you are giving it to Life Factors Ministries as a gift without any compensation in return and that you allow us to use the note or video as needed at Life Factors Ministries. Some stories may be edited or may not be used at all if they are inappropriate or if they do not fit in what we are trying to accomplish. The only information we will share about you is your story, your name and your state or country. No other personal information will be shared or posted with your story. Only one entry is permitted per person. 
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