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Every year Hollywood makes millions of dollars from stories.  Stories often inspire and encourage us to move forward in whatever it is we are dealing with or working on.  The same goes for your single mom journey, listen and/or watch stories from others who have been there or who are going through the same thing you are.  We hope these stories encourage and inspire you to keep going!  This section is being developed while we collect stories, stay tuned!  If you share your story with us we will send you a FREE printed copy of our Single Mom Journey devotional book!  Click here to share your story: Share My Story!

Single Mom Story | Kathleen in North Carolina

My children are well grown now, but I was left with seven Children from new born to twelve in a bad neighborhood in Springfield, MA. My husband had left many times, but for many reasons, I knew our marriage was over and this time it was probably for good. I could not have him live with us again because of some serious problems he had. I was scared though and really prayed for God to allow me to keep the family together until the children were old enough to take care of themselves. He certainly did that. I always told the children that God is father to the fatherless as the Bible tells us in Psalms 68:5 and that he would never leave them.
There were some tough times, but God always came through. One time we had very little money for food and Thanksgiving was coming. I said nothing to anyone, but a lady at church kept asking me if I got a turkey and I said no. When it was real close, she asked again and when I said no, she asked what I’m waiting for and I said we were not doing turkey this year, we were just keeping it simple. God used her to make sure we had plenty. She brought over a turkey and the fixings to go with it. There were many other times when things looked bad, but God has always proven himself to be there and still does.
-Kathleen in North Carolina

Single Mom Story | Denise in Virginia

Growing up as a child of multiple divorces, I had a dad, but rarely saw him and felt fatherless. Forgotten birthdays hurt deeply, but when I came to know Christ at the age of 19, I came to know Christ as my Daddy – my Abba Father. He healed my heart and I had hope that my children one day would not know the pain that I had known. But sometimes the pain we endured in one season of life can equip us to handle another season that is unexpected.
I married a Christian man and God blessed me greatly with 5 children. I chose to stay home with them and home educate them alongside our music ministry and serving in the church. It seemed like we had the perfect family.
It would be years until the discovery of secrets were unearthed that crushed the hearts of my children and I, leading to divorce, the revelation of abuse and scandal. The wounds seemed imprinted on my children. But God.
Through the years I was operating as a single mom, God was our Father. He never left us. It was hard. It hurt more than words could ever tell, but we pressed into God’s word and God was our refuge. He has redeemed what the locusts ate. My heartfelt prayer was that God would not let the faith of my children be harmed. He has answered that prayer beautifully. All five of my children profess Christ and want to live for Him. They have had to fight for their healing, but God has met them in such a loving way. He is a good, good, Father and He is enough.
-Denise in Virgnia
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Single Mom Story | Jessica in Pennsylvania

Hello!  My name is Jessica; I am from north central Pennsylvania.  I am raising 2 young boys, ages 10 and 6, on my own in the country.  I have been a single mom for over 4 years.   I could not do this but for the strength of God. (Philippians 4:13, “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me;” ESV)  God has, and continues to, provide for my boys and I in extraordinary ways; much like a father!  
My parents were divorced not long after I was born and my father has been distant most of my life; I was raised by a single mom.  I am divorced from my oldest son’s father and my youngest son’s father, while we were separated for a time, tragically lost his life almost 4 years ago.  It has been a very difficult and bumpy road, yet God has brought us through it!  
Prior to walking with the Lord, I was drowning in my sin.  After finding salvation in Christ, I became a new person and began a whole new life!  I believe God called me to Biblical counseling in 2013.  Since then, I have taken about 3 years of college classes in counseling.  I am about a year away from my Bachelor’s degree and I am also pursuing a counseling certification under the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors.  I am a member and a full-time employee of my church, which is a Bible church.  God has provided numerous men from our church, very strong Christian leaders, who spend time with my boys and encourage them. While God has not given us an easy life, he has given my boys and I a very blessed and fulfilled life in the community where I live!
My oldest son has special needs, and there are daily challenges that I face.  I have financial challenges, health challenges, challenges with my job, among others.  However, I always know that I can rely firmly on the Lord to carry me through!  I hope my story is encouraging to someone!  I pray that single moms everywhere continue to seek their strength from the Lord and have hope that He is with them and loves them more than they can imagine!  Thank you for reading!  God bless!
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Single Mom Story | Amanda in Pennsylvania

I was married to a childhood best friend. We lived in Germany for 2 years, and that is where our daughter was born. A little over our daughter’s first birthday, we moved to Delaware. We bought our first house 
together. I worked at a school that I loved. But something wasn’t quite right. My husband was very distant. There was no love in the relationship at all. One day he told me he didn’t want to be married anymore. My daughter and I moved back to Pennsylvania where our family was. My grandparents gladly took us both in. Soon after the move, I found out that my now ex-husband was seeing someone…a man. After weeks of crying and wondering what was wrong with me, I finally had closure. It wasn’t me, it was my gender.  Although I was relieved to know it wasn’t something that I did to ruin my marriage, I was still angry because I felt used. My ex started off wanting to spend time with our daughter as much as he could, but eventually he became “too busy”. It has been at least 5 years since she’s seen her father or even heard his voice. In a way I feel sad for her, but on the other hand we’ve started going to church and finding out what true love is all about. We talk to God. We talk about God. And God is with us every day. We go through many struggles, especially financially, but I have complete faith that God will take care of us, because He’s not only my daughter’s father, He is mine as well. And this Father will never forsake us.
-Amanda in Pennsylvania
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Single Mom Story | Tiffanie in Texas

Growing in God as a single parent has been a rpugh journey. It has definately been worth it! I had two girls who are now 11 and 12 years old. I remember the first time God spoke to me about me and my girls and told us that we was going to be alright. He said He would take care of us and He has done just that!
God has provided for me and my girls and for that I AM GRATEFUL. It’s hard being a single parent because some days I have always had my girls to worry about! Both of mf my two girls are not the typical 11 and 12 year old that is easy to be around be because of medical conditions that they have. We have had to deal with rejection pf family and friends because my girls have behavioral issues. If I could male the behaviors disappear then I would but all I can do is to try to be there for them and help when help is needed. Iv’e even been told that my children are demons and they don’t need to be around people. They are mistreated by others all the time and because I choose to raise my children and not let them be in foster homes then people reject me too. They call us names all the time but God still blesses us! 
No! We are not the perfect little family, but “WE ARE FAMILY”! My oldest daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and Emotionally Disturbed at the age of three. She does take three medications a day to help with anxiety and fidgiting. My youngest daughter Devin was diagnosed at three years with Emotional Disturbed, Bipolar, and ADHD. She is the one that I jave the most difficulties with but with God we have made it this far.
There have been times where I jave blamed myself for having children out of wed lock. There have been times that other people told me that God has punished me for having them. Through it all, they never see the change that they need to make when ot comes to loving us unconditionally. Even though people sinned all the time against Jesus, not once did he not love them! So I asked God to heal my heart and let me love them regardless of how we have been mistreated! I thank God for allowing me to be apart of HIS KINGDOM!
-Tiffanie in Texas
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Single Mom Story | Danita in Alabama

God created a little boy just for me.  He knew the deepest desire of my heart and that I could not have a child of my own,
I knew God could answer my prayer, I just did not know how or when He would do it. My child is in my bloodline and the way he was created, he looks just like me.
The minute I knew that he was to be mine, I dedicated him to God knowing He was the best Father my child could EVER have.
I know there will be times for this little boy when he will want, crave or need to have a father and he will be sad, but I also know that God can fill any void, comfort any sadness and bring joy into emptiness.  
This is my prayer now…that he will grow up to KNOW,, depend on and love his true Father, the One who will love him and take care of him better than any human being ever could.
He also guides me to depend on Him and obtain the wisdom I need to be a single mom, The most recent thing he told me is “Be present with him everyday”  “Be wholly and totally in his life, giving him the love and attention he craves as a child”. 
God is always this way with us.
-Danita in Alabama
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Single Mom Story | Twanna in Georgia

I was a single parent of 5 children. My husband was incarcerated for 15 years. Now my children are grown and all of us are in college together, except for the youngest who’s in 8th grade. Because of this, the Lord lead me to start an organization, God Cares Single Parent Support Group Inc. We were just blessed with our 501c3, so we thank God for all of His blessings.
-Twanna in Georgia
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Single Mom Story | Haldana in Maryland

God changed my life because l was headed down the wrong path l always thought I needed friends and a man too be with me but after my last marriage l found my husband of almost 20 something years with another woman telling me l was crazy he wasn’t cheating but he went and married her so l moved away and stayed to myself saying all men cheat so l gave my life to God and l’ve been feeling good about myself every since thanks too Him.
-Haldana in Maryland
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