Single Mom Story | Danita in Alabama

God created a little boy just for me.  He knew the deepest desire of my heart and that I could not have a child of my own,
I knew God could answer my prayer, I just did not know how or when He would do it. My child is in my bloodline and the way he was created, he looks just like me.
The minute I knew that he was to be mine, I dedicated him to God knowing He was the best Father my child could EVER have.
I know there will be times for this little boy when he will want, crave or need to have a father and he will be sad, but I also know that God can fill any void, comfort any sadness and bring joy into emptiness.  
This is my prayer now…that he will grow up to KNOW,, depend on and love his true Father, the One who will love him and take care of him better than any human being ever could.
He also guides me to depend on Him and obtain the wisdom I need to be a single mom, The most recent thing he told me is “Be present with him everyday”  “Be wholly and totally in his life, giving him the love and attention he craves as a child”. 
God is always this way with us.
-Danita in Alabama
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