Single Mom Story | Denise in Virginia

Growing up as a child of multiple divorces, I had a dad, but rarely saw him and felt fatherless. Forgotten birthdays hurt deeply, but when I came to know Christ at the age of 19, I came to know Christ as my Daddy – my Abba Father. He healed my heart and I had hope that my children one day would not know the pain that I had known. But sometimes the pain we endured in one season of life can equip us to handle another season that is unexpected.
I married a Christian man and God blessed me greatly with 5 children. I chose to stay home with them and home educate them alongside our music ministry and serving in the church. It seemed like we had the perfect family.
It would be years until the discovery of secrets were unearthed that crushed the hearts of my children and I, leading to divorce, the revelation of abuse and scandal. The wounds seemed imprinted on my children. But God.
Through the years I was operating as a single mom, God was our Father. He never left us. It was hard. It hurt more than words could ever tell, but we pressed into God’s word and God was our refuge. He has redeemed what the locusts ate. My heartfelt prayer was that God would not let the faith of my children be harmed. He has answered that prayer beautifully. All five of my children profess Christ and want to live for Him. They have had to fight for their healing, but God has met them in such a loving way. He is a good, good, Father and He is enough.
-Denise in Virgnia
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