Single Mom Story | Kathleen in North Carolina

My children are well grown now, but I was left with seven Children from new born to twelve in a bad neighborhood in Springfield, MA. My husband had left many times, but for many reasons, I knew our marriage was over and this time it was probably for good. I could not have him live with us again because of some serious problems he had. I was scared though and really prayed for God to allow me to keep the family together until the children were old enough to take care of themselves. He certainly did that. I always told the children that God is father to the fatherless as the Bible tells us in Psalms 68:5 and that he would never leave them.
There were some tough times, but God always came through. One time we had very little money for food and Thanksgiving was coming. I said nothing to anyone, but a lady at church kept asking me if I got a turkey and I said no. When it was real close, she asked again and when I said no, she asked what I’m waiting for and I said we were not doing turkey this year, we were just keeping it simple. God used her to make sure we had plenty. She brought over a turkey and the fixings to go with it. There were many other times when things looked bad, but God has always proven himself to be there and still does.
-Kathleen in North Carolina