Single Mom Story | Tiffanie in Texas

Growing in God as a single parent has been a rpugh journey. It has definately been worth it! I had two girls who are now 11 and 12 years old. I remember the first time God spoke to me about me and my girls and told us that we was going to be alright. He said He would take care of us and He has done just that!
God has provided for me and my girls and for that I AM GRATEFUL. It’s hard being a single parent because some days I have always had my girls to worry about! Both of mf my two girls are not the typical 11 and 12 year old that is easy to be around be because of medical conditions that they have. We have had to deal with rejection pf family and friends because my girls have behavioral issues. If I could male the behaviors disappear then I would but all I can do is to try to be there for them and help when help is needed. Iv’e even been told that my children are demons and they don’t need to be around people. They are mistreated by others all the time and because I choose to raise my children and not let them be in foster homes then people reject me too. They call us names all the time but God still blesses us! 
No! We are not the perfect little family, but “WE ARE FAMILY”! My oldest daughter was diagnosed with ADHD and Emotionally Disturbed at the age of three. She does take three medications a day to help with anxiety and fidgiting. My youngest daughter Devin was diagnosed at three years with Emotional Disturbed, Bipolar, and ADHD. She is the one that I jave the most difficulties with but with God we have made it this far.
There have been times where I jave blamed myself for having children out of wed lock. There have been times that other people told me that God has punished me for having them. Through it all, they never see the change that they need to make when ot comes to loving us unconditionally. Even though people sinned all the time against Jesus, not once did he not love them! So I asked God to heal my heart and let me love them regardless of how we have been mistreated! I thank God for allowing me to be apart of HIS KINGDOM!
-Tiffanie in Texas
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