Why Stories?

Stories are important.  The stories of others help us heal, help us get motivated, help us overcome in our own journey.  Below you can either share your story or read/watch the story of others.  We hope this section of our website is encouraging to you as you pursue finding your security & worth in God as your Dad!
God is my Dad - Share Your Story

Share Your Story!

How did God become your Dad?  How did He fill the gap that your earthly father left?  Whether your dad was/is gone completely or you live with or near him but he is still absent from your life, everyone has a different story of how they came to God as their dad.  Will you share your story?  All qualifying entries get a FREE God is my Dad lanyard!

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Read & Watch Other’ Stories

The stories of fatherlessness are everywhere.  Many of the movies that are produced by Hollywood have fatherless characters.  Much of professional sports are made up of athletes that grew up without a dad.  These are just a few examples.  Stories of overcoming fatherlessness are powerful, but they are even more powerful when it is a story of how an individual found God as their Dad their struggle with being fatherless.  These stories should inspire and encourage you on your journey!