Video – From Evangelist Dave Young

In this video Dave Young shares with us from Psalm 103. He tells us that God’s perfect plan is that we would have father in our life. He tells us that God cares about us and He wants to be the Dad in our lives and that it isn’t our fault that we don’t have a dad.
The Dave Young Evangelistic Association has been in existence since the fall of 1994 and was founded by Evangelist Dave Young. Dave was born in East Tennessee and has been preaching since 1986. His wife is Bethlie, of Newark, Ohio, and they have five children: Abigail, Joshua, Matthew, Jacob and Charity. Dave has preached in over 1,000 churches, schools, colleges, and camps in 44 states and in six different countries, including Canada, Belarus, Moldova, Bahamas, Haiti and the Philippines. They have a three-pronged ministry: Revival and Evangelistic Campaigns, Family Matters Conferences, and overseas missions work. To learn more about Dave Young and his ministry visit: