Video – From Stephen Kendrick | Christian Film Writer & Producer

In this powerfully encouraging video, Stephen Kendrick talks about how the Lord is still a Good Good God. He explains how it is through a relationship with Jesus Christ that we can have a relationship with our Heavenly Father. God is a Father to the Fatherless and He has a very special place in His heart for those of us that don’t have dads. He talks about Ephesians 1 where it says that if a person gives their life to Christ, then God is their Father, they are adopted Spiritually into His Kingdom, and they have a Spiritual Inheritance, they are blessed, they are beloved, and accepted through God their Father. The same blessing that Jesus received from His Father we receive through a personal relationship with Jesus!
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Stephen Kendrick has dedicated his life to serving Jesus Christ and to making Him known around the world. He is a co-writer for the screenplays and books and the producer for the Kendrick Brothers’ films.  Stephen has spoken to churches, conferences, and seminars around the nation, and has been interviewed by FOX and Friends, CNN, ABC World News Tonight, The Washington Post, and other media outlets. He is a co-founder and board member of the Fatherhood Commission. He graduated from Kennesaw State University and attended seminary before being ordained into ministry.  Stephen and his wife, Jill, live in Albany, Georgia, where they homeschool their six children. They are active members of Sherwood Church in Albany.  
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