Your Source for Affirmation & Approval by Amy Gadomski

After a father has left, most girls begin to lose sight of what true love is. Without a father figure in one’s life, the idea of love can often be misunderstood and seen as something based entirely off emotions and physical attraction. Often, this confusion leads to the fatherless daughter trying to obtain this “fatherly love” from a boy or friends. While this might not seem like a bad thing, it actually can form an unhealthy relationship between a fatherless daughter and others. Rather than having a father to lean on and look to, she may start to look to her friends for support. This then can lead to the fatherless daughter seeking approval and affirmation from the wrong people. This is an unhealthy relationship and is not what God intends for you to face. Losing a father is tough, I would know. It happened to me. As a fatherless daughter, I made this same mistake. I tried finding someone who would love me just as much as my dad would have. Whether it was from friends at church or school, I lost sight on having a healthy relationship with some people. I looked to everyone and anyone—everyone but my Heavenly Father God. Even though the Holy One was always there for me, I still chose to disregard this reality at times. This mistake to forget about how strong God’s love is, is what led me to looking for affirmation and approval in all the wrong places. As I grew older and began to become confident in myself, I began to realize that God is love. He created love and He is the definition of it! Rather than looking to others for love and attention, all I had to do was look to Him, the author of love. Today, come to terms with whom you seek affirmation and approval from. If it is anyone, but God, then you might need to start improving on these relationships. The only affirmation and approval you need is from your Heavenly Father, not your family, not your friends, and not even your absent father.
-Amy Gadomski
Amy is an intern and contributor to God is my Dad.  Click here to find out more about her.