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Jake Became Fatherless By A Suicidal Car Accident - Guest Video

In this video, our friend Jake Freels shares his story of fatherlessness that was caused by a tragic car accident by a suicidal driver who struck their vehicle, killing his dad and brother when he was nine years old. Jake shares about the trials, struggles, and victories from this moment forward and how God became his Dad!

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Jake is the current founder and CEO of "Heart of Many Colors." Jake and his family currently live in Stephenville, Texas. His heart and passion is to see people live in Christ and demonstrate the kingdom of God everywhere they go. For over a decade, he has seen thousands of people give their lives to Jesus. Jake gave his life to Jesus at the young age of 5. When Jake was 9 his life was drastically changed when his family was in a car accident that killed his father and brother. In the following 10yrs this trauma, grief, and teenage life came to a head when he was 19. He tried committing suicide the same way, by driving his truck into an eighteen-wheeler, but he heard a voice in his head say to him, "you don’t want to do this," and something froze his hands to his steering wheel and stopped him. It wasn’t until this point that he began to really seek out God. After which God placed many godly people in his path to share and help him understand God's love and plan for him. You can learn more about Jake and his ministry at


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