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find a church!

You and/or your family need a church that cares about you!  The churches and ministries below have access to our resources and training to help you on your journey!

god is my dad churches and ministries that are near you! 

join the network!

We are working with churches all over the United States, helping them evangelize & disciple fatherless families in their local circle of influence!  Click on the link below to apply to join our network!

can't find a single mom support group near you? 
then start one!

We are on a mission to launch at least one single mom support group in every county or equivalent of the United States!  If you do not see a group in your County then consider helping launch a group through your church or ministry!  

To learn more about launching a group, check out this video and visit the following link on our parent ministry's main website: Start a Single Mom Support Group!

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