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a place for the fatherless!

Have you ever felt defeated, lonely, inferior, worthless, or scared?

It's not your fault that you are fatherless.

The statistics & studies say that BECAUSE we are
fatherless we might fail in life. 


who are we?

Hi!  My name is Sean Teis and I grew up fatherless too!  My mom and my grandparents helped raise me. God became my Dad through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and through this I was able to overcome fatherlessness.  Through Jesus, you too can overcome this challenging obstacle!  I have given my life to helping other fatherless individuals like you succeed!  Through God, I have had the privilege to become a national speaker, an author of 6 books, and I have been in ministry for over a decade.  Also, for almost 14 years my family has been running Life Factors Fatherless Ministries evangelizing & discipling fatherless families through speaking, creating unique resources (like God is my Dad), and some other methods.  I am excited that you are here!  Stay connected with us by signing up for the FREE resources and training and through subscribing to us on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook!