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Shane & Shane - Contemporary Worship Music Band - guest video

In this video, Shane Barnard, from the Christian Worship Group Shane & Shane, shares how you can make it even if you don't have a dad! He also shares about his adoption!

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Shane & Shane is the combination of solo artists Shane Barnard and Shane Everett. After meeting in college, Shane & Shane began writing songs and touring the country leading worship. Over 15 years later, they’re writing more music than ever, with no intention of slowing down. Their desire has always been to glorify the Lord instead of themselves and they do so by writing music that is biblically based, lyrically rich, and sonically engaging. Check out their discography!

Over the past few years, Shane & Shane have dedicated their lives to encourage and equip worship leaders and their teams through an online resource called The Worship Initiative. The Worship Initiative is an equipping ministry and a collective of worship leaders that, over the past few years, has grown into a thriving community in and of itself.

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To learn more about Life Factors Fatherless Ministries or to find resources for your fatherless family ministry, or to join the Network of God is my Dad Churches and Ministries, please visit


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