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Mrs. Charity Berkey - Guest Video For The Fatherless

In this video Charity talks about how her mom and dad both grew up in fatherless homes and how their moms both had to work leaving them not getting to spend much time with their mothers either. Through this, her parents both took their horrible situation and allowed God to use it in their life for good. You can create the most amazing home for your children someday despite how you are growing up. This is all through God as your Father!

Charity is the mom of 4 beautiful children and she serves alongside her husband Neal at Liberty Baptist Church in Las Vegas, NV where he is the Children's Pastor. She is also an author, a speaker, and is the founder of Encouragement From Women where a large 200,000+ audience of women receive daily devotionals on Facebook. You can find more about Charity on her ministry's website here:


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