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Pastor Ricky Ortiz - Guest Video For The Fatherless

Ricky shares his story of growing up without a dad. When he was 10 years old his dad left while Ricky's mom and he were out of the house. Ricky used to blame himself for his dad leaving but as an adult, he realized that it was not his fault at all! The same goes for you. Your dad being gone regardless of how it happened (he died, he left, etc.) is not your fault in any way! Don't blame yourself! Find your identity in your Heavenly Father through a relationship with Jesus Christ!

God gave Ricky and his wife Krista a vision to plant a life-giving church in New York City way back in 2004. He’s a native New Yorker (from the Bronx, NY) and she’s a Washingtonian (originally from Seattle) and their paths crossed while at college in Jacksonville, FL. While their journey has been filled with steps of faith and adventure, they’ve also encountered difficulty and challenges with grief, loss, addiction and depression. Through those experiences, God forged something deeper and more meaningful than either of them could have ever imagined. God had purpose that was more than and beyond what either Krista or Ricky would have designed for themselves. These experiences became their personal “meta” story. God has used their experiences to shape the heart and vision for Meta Church in New York City. To learn more about the Ortiz's or Meta Church please visit

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