Our Purpose & Mission

God is my Dad is a resource for fatherless teens and adults and for single moms to encourage them to overcome the obstacles that fatherlessness and being a single mom might bring to their life.  We hope and pray that through this website and mobile app you will understand what it means for God to be your Dad and that you will receive encouragement and get guidance on your fatherless or single mom journey.  Our goal is to help you understand that you are not alone and give you the tools to a successful future!

Pastor Sean & Jackie Teis

Our Founders

When Sean was around 10 months old his father left and never returned again.  This is when he started what he called “the fatherless journey”.  Sean and Jackie Teis started Life Factors Ministries in 2008 to spread hope to fatherless homes.  Through Life Factors Ministries they are leading fatherless families to the Heavenly Father through spreading awareness, creating unique resources, speaking, and partnering with other ministries.  Sean has spoken around the country at various events including: churches, conferences, and schools.  Some of the unique resources they have published include: The Fatherless Journey for Girls (For Teen Girls), The Fatherless Journey for Guys (For Teen Guys), The Single Mom Journey, Mentoring 4 Life (a comprehensive church mentoring program), and Childrens Books: Daniel and Dana the Fatherless Dino’s, Paul and Penelope the Motherless Penguins, Eli and Ella the Little Elephants (For Foster Care/Orphan Children).  They have also developed a mobile app and website for the fatherless called: God is my Dad. This can be found at GodismyDad.com and on Apple and Google Play app stores.  They are partnering with churches around the country giving them the online training and digital and physical resources needed to effectively evangelize and disciple the fatherless families in their church and community.  You can find out more about Life Factors at lifefactors.org.  You can find them on Facebook at facebook.com/LifeFactorsMinistries/, on Instagram at @SeanTeis, or on Twitter @LifeFactors.

Connie Teis

Single Mom Contributor

Connie is Sean’s mom and she knows first-hand what it feels like to be a single mom.  Sean’s dad left when he was only 10 months old leaving Connie with three children to raise on her own.  Connie and Sean authored The Single Mom Journey Devotional Book where she shares many of her stories of being a single mom.  She now hopes to encourage single moms through contributing to God is my Dad.

Tony Polous

Intern & Contributor

As an intern Tony is contributing insights and instruction aimed at the fatherless guys out there.  Tony’s dad was absent for most of his childhood and teen years and he understands a lot of what you are going through.  Tony is studying at Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, FL and is planning to enter into a career in full-time Christian ministry.  God has really worked in Tony’s life and we are excited to have him to share his insights with us!

Amy Gadomski

Intern & Contributor

As an intern Amy’s positivity and encouragement have been a blessing to this ministry!  Amy’s childhood was growing up in a Pastor’s home but when she was eleven years old her father left.  Through the absence of her earthly father she has realized that she can live a safe, secure and complete life through her Heavenly Father. Because of Amy’s struggles she has developed a tender heart toward others and uses that heart to reach out to others.  Amy has a a desire to be a teacher.  Amy’s tender heart will make her a talented teacher in the future!

Sara Valin


Sara’s creativity has been a major asset to this ministry!  When Sara was twelve years old her dad left.  She knows first-hand the struggles of growing up fatherless.  Despite the struggles, Sara is now a dedicated Christian and has found God as her Dad.  Sara is also a talented singer and aspires to continue to serve God with this gift in the future.  The talents that God has blessed Sara with will allow her to become an integral part of any ministry she is involved in!
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