God loves you and your kids.

Hello!  We are so glad that you are here!  In our eyes you are a superhero!  Being a single mom is not for the faint of heart!  Through God is my Dad we want you to know that God loves you and He will be a Dad to your kids!  
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Share Your Story!

If God is currently helping you on your single mom journey or if He helped you when you were a single mom your story is powerful and should be shared!  There are other single moms out there that need to read or watch your story to get inspiration!  If you share your story with us we will send you a FREE printed copy of our Single Mom Journey devotional book!  Click here to share your story: Share My Story!

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Check Out Other’s Stories

Every year Hollywood makes millions of dollars from stories.  Stories often inspire and encourage us to move forward in whatever it is we are dealing with or working on.  The same goes for your single mom journey, listen and/or watch stories from others who have been there or who are going through the same thing you are.  We hope these stories encourage and inspire you to keep going!  This section is being developed while we collect stories, stay tuned!

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This section is under construction but soon you will be able to read notes and watch videos of encouragement made just for you by Christian leaders!  Stay tuned!

Awesome Resources and Gifts for Single Moms and Their Children!

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