Our Purpose & Mission

God is my Dad is a resource for fatherless teens and adults to encourage them to overcome fatherlessness, receive encouragement, and get guidance on their journey.  Our goal is to help you understand that you are not alone and give you the tools to succeed on your fatherless journey!

Pastor Sean Teis


When Sean was around 10 months old his father left and never returned again.  This is when he started what he called “the fatherless journey”.  Sean has a passion to see the fatherless set free through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and has been pursuing this calling for the past 9+ years.  In addition to running Life Factors Sean also serves as a Youth Pastor.  Sean is happily married to Jackie and they have three awesome children: Malachi, Titus and Blaire.  

Jackie Teis


Jackie grew up in a Pastor’s home and was blessed to have a great father, but she has a desire to see fatherless individuals reached for the glory of God.  Jackie and Sean are partners in this ministry and Sean admits that he would be a mess without Jackie in his life!  It would take hours to list out all of the ways Jackie is involved and helps Sean in the ministry!  

Amy Gadomski

Intern & Contributor

As an intern Amy’s positivity and encouragement have been a blessing to this ministry!  Amy’s childhood was growing up in a Pastor’s home but when she was eleven years old her father left.  Through the absence of her earthly father she has realized that she can live a safe, secure and complete life through her Heavenly Father. Because of Amy’s struggles she has developed a tender heart toward others and uses that heart to reach out to others.  Amy has a a desire to be a teacher.  Amy’s tender heart will make her a talented teacher in the future!

Sara Valin

Intern & Contributor

As an intern Sara’s creativity has been a major asset to this ministry!  When Sara was twelve years old her dad left.  She knows first-hand the struggles of growing up fatherless.  Despite the struggles, Sara is now a dedicated Christian and has found God as her Dad.  Sara is also a talented singer and aspires to continue to serve God with this gift in the future.  The talents that God has blessed Sara with will allow her to become an integral part of any ministry she is involved in!
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